Creative Confidence

You want your people to come up with new ideas but only some of them do, some of the time...and the others don't even believe they are creative in the first place, right? 

Disciplined creative people keep the good ideas coming. Not just in terms of new products and services, either. They're much better at solving those other knotty commercial problems like dealing with suppliers, customers and each other. Strategy, sales and marketing, finance, operations, IT, HR...there's not a discipline out there that doesn't benefit from more creativity.

Yet all too often, the cocks (of every gender) fight, the hens squabble and the fire burns dangerously low.



Help is at hand!!

So why not put creativity back where it belongs... centre stage! Power up your people with a fresh dose of creative confidence - set them a challenge they think they can't do, then watch them nail it with the help of our coaches.

Each of our workshops is led by a combination of experienced tutors from around the creative globe—visual artists, musicians, poets, novelists, scriptwriters, film-makers, comedians—they've trodden the path, they know what it takes to stay fresh, left brain and right.

Power up

Absurdly, we assume that only some people are creative—Mac users, for example. Or brilliant artists. But look at a room full of kids playing and you immediately know this can't be true. As youngsters we all create incredible worlds through play. And, with a little help in the right places, we can do it again...

How about writing and giving a maiden speech in the House of Commons, for example? Or killing and cooking a chicken for lunch? Why not send them off to a life-drawing class? One could model (we have an extensive fancy dress wardrobe) while the others draw? Or set them to making a pair of trousers. 

If none of them appeals, try one of these...

  Tap into inspiration from the greats ... or go your own way! 

Tap into inspiration from the greats ... or go your own way! 

Write a song in a day: Whether you're a beginner, a lapsed performer or you haven't picked up an instrument since your school days, you'll be amazed at you can do with a great teacher and a co-writer. It's hard work and there'll be moments of I-just-can't-do-it despair. But there'll also be times when you soar, humming your very own tune. Imagine coming back to work with your own song in your step. 

  Does Lucy deserve the best lines? 

Does Lucy deserve the best lines? 

Reeeeee-write..! Whatever your favourite movie, there's bound to be a scene or two you could improve, right? Introduce a new character? Kill off that annoying cameo? Peel off that Hollywood cheese and get real? Change the wardrobe, adjust the lighting ...use a new soundtrack? It's up to you but remember, we'd like you to read or, even better, act it out at the end of the day. Action! 


Design a prison that works: Here’s an old question…should prisons punish? Or help people who’ve made mistakes get back on the right track? Whatever your view, you’re now in charge. Design a prison fit for your purposes…cells, food, routine, activities, clothes are all up for grabs. But you will have to justify your ideas at the end of the day.


turbine hall.JPG

Power up: It's been a long time coming but you have finally been asked to put on a show in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. So get your ass in gear.

Whatcha you gonna do, eh? Solo? Group? Mixed media? Live installation? Interactive abbatoir? Colour by numbers?

Knock us out!



Build us a bridge. There's a river at the bottom of the garden, beyond the wood. Here's a box of tools and a bunch of materials.

Go build us a bridge.

We want to get across by the end of the day without getting our feet wet.  


If you like the sound of any of these assignments, contact us now to find out more. And if you're one of those order-off-the-menu types, let us know what your people need most. We'll talk to our chefs and we'll put together the right menu for your people ... start with a half-day on site, make an evening of it with a great night out or send your most deserving off for a weekend in the country. 

Whatever it takes, you can be sure it's worth it. Creative people will transform your organisation. Talk to us - it doesn't have to be as expensive as you think.