Introducing the Creative Reboot

We know how it gotta come up with new ideas, day in day out. You want to find new ways to work with the more difficult people you work (live?) with... 

And wouldn't it be great to relight your passion for what you do? Or maybe you drifted into it and it's time to make a change? Either way, if your fire's running low, read on...

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Help is at hand!!

Take a break in beautiful Somerset, eat delicious food and relight your creative fire with a range of workshops, one-to-ones, personal assignments and stimulating conversation.

Each of our courses has a combination of experienced tutors from around the creative globe - visual artists, musicians, writers, comedians - they've trodden the path, they know what it takes to get there and how to stay fresh, left brain and right.

Each day, you can pick from a range of options. Explore your discipline from a different angle or throw yourself into a task you've never even dreamed of ... writing and giving your maiden speech in the House of Commons, for example; killing and cooking a chicken for your lunch; taking your first life-drawing class; or making a pair of trousers.

And if none of that appeals, try one of these...

  Tap into inspiration from the greats ... or go your own way! 

Tap into inspiration from the greats ... or go your own way! 

Write a song in a day: Whether you're a beginner, a lapsed performer or you haven't picked up an instrument since those terrible grades at school, you'll be amazed at you can do with a great teacher and a co-writer. It's hard work and there'll be moments of I-just-can't-do-it despair. But there'll also be times when you soar, humming your very own tune or belting out that killer lyric in the shower.

  Does Lucy deserve the best lines? 

Does Lucy deserve the best lines? 

Reeeeee-write..! Whatever your favourite movie, there's bound to be a scene or two you could improve, right? Will you introduce a new character? Adjust the Hollywood cheese'o'meter and get real? Change the wardrobe, adjust the lighting...use a new soundtrack? It's up to you but remember, we'd like you to read it or ideally act it out at the end of the day. Action! 


Design a prison that works: Here’s an old question…should prisons punish? Or help people who’ve made mistakes get back on the right track? Whatever your view, you’re now in charge. Design a prison fit for purpose … cells, food, routine, activities, clothes are all up for grabs. But we’d like to hear you justify your ideas at the end of the day.


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Power up: It's been a long time coming but you have finally been asked to put on a show in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. You've got to get your ass in gear.

Whatcha you gonna do, eh? Solo? Group? Mixed media? Live installation? Abbatoir? Colour by numbers?

Knock us out!



Build us a bridge: There's a river at the bottom of the garden, beyond the wood. Here are your tools and materials. Build us a bridge.

We want to get across by the end of the day without getting our feet wet.  


When's the next course?

Our next Reboots run September 21-23, November 22-24th, January 25-27th and then every other month, third weekend of the month. Book now

Costs: £400 for a shared room; £500 for an ensuite room of your own.